Monday, June 25, 2012

Olympic-bound Athletes Training with Navy SEALS

July 2, 2012 issue of TIME magazine: Great article (by Sean Gregory) on Olympic-bound athletes training with Navy SEALS and the importance of mental training. "No matter what the sport is, you want to take athletes out of their comfort zone and the SEALS are a natural fit," says Wendy Borlabi, a psychologist with the United States Olympic Committee. 
      Over the past two years, the killer unit has put eight Olympic teams through the kind of agonizing trials a SEAL encounters in the SEAL classes. The U.S. sailing team, for example, was ordered in a surprise training session into a frigid Colorado Lake, though it was 40 degrees outside.
     "The sessions usually begin in a classroom setting with a lesson on mental toughness that stresses visualization, setting micro-goals---in which you focus intensely on the task in front of you--with positive self-talk and breathing exercises that decrease anxiety,"says Gregory.